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Custom Script

Compared with traditional monitoring services, Tianji supports custom scripts to support more customized scenarios.

Essentially, you can understand it as a restricted, memory safe JavaScript runtime that accepts a number to display on your chart. The most common scenario is the time required for network requests to access an url. Of course, it can also be other things, such as your OpenAI balance, your github star number, and all the information that can be expressed in numbers.

if this script return -1, its means this work is failed, and try to send notification to you, just like normal monitor.

If you want to view the trend of a number's changes, opening the trending mode can help you better discover subtle changes in the number

Here is some example:


get tailchat available service number from health endpoint

const res = await request({
url: 'https://<tailchat-server-api>/health'

if(!res || ! || ! {
return -1


get github star count

const res = await request({
url: ''

return ?? -1

replace msgbyte/tianji to your own repo name

get docker pull count

const res = await request({
url: ""


replace moonrailgun/tianji to your own image name

or more

Very very welcome to submit your script in this page. Tianji is driven by open source community.