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Here is enviroment which you can config in docker

NameDefault ValueDescription
JWT_SECRET-A random string used to calculate the secret key
ALLOW_REGISTERfalsewhether allow user can register account
ALLOW_OPENAPIfalsewhether allow openapi which can fetch or post data just like you with ui
SANDBOX_MEMORY_LIMIT16custom script monitor sandbox memory limit, which can control which monitor script not use too many memory (unit MB, the minimum value is 8)
MAPBOX_TOKEN-MapBox token for use amap to replace default visitor map
AMAP_TOKEN-AMap token for use amap to replace default visitor map
CUSTOM_TRACKER_SCRIPT_NAME-modify default tracker.js script name for adblock
DISABLE_ANONYMOUS_TELEMETRYfalseDisabled send telemetry report to tianji official, we will report usage to tianji official website with a minimum of anonymity.
DISABLE_AUTO_CLEARfalsedisable auto clear data.