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Install without docker

Use docker to install Tianji is best way which you dont need consider about enviroment problem.

But if your server not support dockerize, you can try to install by manual.


You need:

Clone Code and Build

git clone
cd tianji
pnpm install

pnpm build

Prepare Environment File

Create a .env file in src/server


Make sure your database url is correct. and dont remember create database before.

For more environment can check this document environment

if you can, better to make sure your encoding is en_US.utf8, for example: createdb -E UTF8 -l en_US.utf8 tianji

Run server

npm install pm2 -g && pm2 install pm2-logrotate

# Init db migrate
cd src/server
pnpm db:migrate:apply

# Start Server
pm2 start ./dist/src/server/main.js --name tianji

Default, Tianji will run on http://localhost:12345